First Year

Group Project (aka Arts & Crafts)

For our health care systems and patient care class, we divided ourselves into 6 groups. Classmates that lived in the same area chose to work together to make it easier to get together.

Part of the project includes volunteering for at least 3 hours, and then writing a 1 page reflection paper. We volunteered at a breast cancer 5k run/walk near the ocean. We arrived at 6am to help set up, and it was about 35 degrees out so we couldn’t feel our hands and feet for hours. It was a really cool experience though because we were able to see the sun rise over the ocean, and some 2nd year students also helped volunteer with us.

The majority of the project, however, is choosing any topic in Physical Therapy and decorating a board. Most points are for creativity, but the actual information on the board is important too. We also will make a powerpoint and have a 15 minute presentation.


Last Year’s Projects


This Year’s Projects

My group got the board that was at the end of the hallway, so everyone walks past it to get to the break room during lunch time. It’s also cool because you can see the tree all the way down the hallway!


We bought a paper lantern from Amazon and then used paper mache to keep its shape, and then painted the outside. We cut out all the letters and people by hand.

One of my groupmates traced her hand on tissue paper and cut out all the hands with an X-acto knife.

This group did E-stim, with one of our professors on the board haha

They made a simple wire circuit behind the body, so if you place the e-stim pad on an incorrect part of the body (such as over the heart or directly on your patella), a buzzer will buzz at you!

This group just tried to make their board as funny as possible. There’s one barbie being eaten by the Orca, and one being sucked into the plane.


I keep trying to jump and reach the giant sun, but I still can’t touch it. The astronaut has a photo of one of our professors too.

This group made the trench themselves, painted the trench foot, and had some army guys parachuting from the ceiling. There’s also a circuit on this board, so if you press the buttons on the floor, the area of the board will light up so you can read the information better (so there’s a button for WWI, a button for WWII, etc.). There’s also a brain that lights up to represent a normal brain, and it also lights up as a brain with traumatic brain injury.

This one is so cool. They had to figure out how to hang all that equipment because everything is heavy. They included photos of our TA’s, and were so creative with the smoke and the fake flowers.


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