Clinical Practicum (Summer Year 1): Day 5

Today I was with the same CI that I’ve been with twice before. I was able to assist with a transfer because the patient felt more secure having two people assist. I felt better about assisting today, possibly because it wasn’t my first time assisting with a transfer.

We also had to move another patient towards the head of the bed using the draw sheet and moving the hospital bed into the Trendelenberg position (the head of the bed was lowered and the foot of the bed was more up in the air, to make it easier for us to slide the patient). I felt a lot more comfortable being hands-on today.

IMy CI saw the next two patients with an OT, so I wasn’t able to assist very much anymore. It felt like I was shadowing again and so I got a little bored, but it was still more interesting than when I shadowed before PT school because I understood a lot of what the PT and OT were doing during their evaluation and treatment.

I’m really glad I was able to have my first practicum at this location, but 20 hours didn’t feel like enough time to really learn enough. I was able to see many areas of the facility, interact with a variety of patients, and observe different physical therapists and other professions. It was a humbling experience to realize that I have learned so much information in the past year, but there is a huge amount to learn once I am out of the classroom.


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