How To Decide Which PT School to Attend

If you are accepted to more than one physical therapy program, it can be challenging to choose which one to attend. Although there are plenty of articles to help make it easier for you to decide, the decision is still not an easy one to make. Continue reading “How To Decide Which PT School to Attend”


Tips for a Successful Interview

Interviews are stressful, especially when you have spent so much time, money, and energy in at least the past four years just to get to this point. It’s an exciting place to be, but it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking.

I hope that this post helps you through your interview process. Try to relax, remember to breathe, and you’ll be walking across the graduation stage before you know it! Continue reading “Tips for a Successful Interview”


Guide to Observation Hours

Most schools require some observation hours, which was definitely my favorite part about the entire application process. It’s not boring and you’re not just standing in the corner staring at the physical therapist and patient (although this does happen some of the time). Observing allows you to get to know a physical therapist, learn about the career field, and figure out if this is really something you want to pursue!

This guide will give a general overview of the process and answer some commonly asked questions. I will also give a summary of my experiences in the 5 settings in which I observed. Continue reading “Guide to Observation Hours”


How to Prepare for the GRE

If you’re planning on applying to PT School, you’re most likely going to need to take the GRE. I’m writing this guide based on what I’ve searched on google, and from the advice from the awesome Pre-PT Forum on SDN. I scored 160V, 163Q, and 4.5W (between 84-88th percentiles), and I’ll give a review of what worked and didn’t work for me. However, I advise you to take this as a starting point and try to find what works best for you.

This list may be overwhelming, but it’s just here to give you options. You absolutely don’t need a majority of these, and I only used about three of the resources below because they worked best for me. Just breathe, and it’ll be over before you know it! Continue reading “How to Prepare for the GRE”


I submitted my PTCAS application!

I applied to 9 programs through PTCAS. One requires a supplemental application that I can finish now. I have two definite supplemental applications to complete after October 1st, and 2 potential supplemental applications if I am accepted. I have one more school to apply to that has an October 1st deadline, and they don’t use the PTCAS application.

I thought I’d feel more relieved after I submitted most of my work, but I don’t. I’m still waiting on my professor to write his letter, and I’m nervous about the GPA calculations because PTCAS averages the classes that you repeated. I also have a personal statement to finish for the last school, which is the only reason I haven’t applied to that school yet.