18 Journals to Improve Stress & Productivity

PT school, like any other graduate program, can be incredibly stressful at times. I still struggle with managing my stress and anxiety, even after 1.5 years of classes.

We all know that exercise, a healthy diet, hobbies, and spending time with family and friends are some of the essential parts of happiness and stress relief, but it can be difficult to manage when taking full-time classes and working part-time. Sometimes I’m good about exercising every day and making plenty of time for myself, but recently it’s been difficult to get back into that habit.

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RUSH SPT: Breaking the Habit of Grade Chasing

I recently found the RUSH SPT Youtube channel, and the Breaking the Habit of Grade Chasing video really stood out to me.

I am definitely guilty of chasing a 4.0 in PT school, especially because my GPA wasn’t as high as it could have been during undergrad. My GPA is much higher in PT school and I feel incredibly accomplished. However, I am still stuck in the trap of focusing on getting A’s, and feeling upset when I don’t get A’s on assignments and exams.

PT school should be about learning as much as possible so you’re the best clinician that you can possibly be, and focusing on getting good grades can get in the way of focusing on this big picture.

I don’t have any tips as to how to break through this mindset, because I am still focused on getting A’s in my classes. The Youtube video did provide some helpful tips, so you should definitely check it out!

Have any questions about PT school?

All of my questions about applying, financing school, post-grad life, and even things I’ve never thought about have all been answered on the forums at The Student Doctor Network.

The site is incredibly active and there are pages upon pages of threads that are full of helpful advice. You can always feel free to message me any questions you might have, but I recommend that you search those forums first. You’ll find advice from many people who have gone through the same things, which is an invaluable resource to have.