5 Pieces of Advice for High School and College Students

Whether you just became interested in becoming a physical therapist or it’s been your dream to be a PT since you were a child, these tips will help you achieve your goals.

1. Keep your grades up

Physical Therapy school is so difficult to get into. If you have any spare time, check out some schools that you might be interested in the future and figure out the average GPA for accepted students. They usually range from 3.4-3.7, depending on the program. Schools will choose students that they know will succeed in their program and will pass the NPTE at the end, so your GPA is a really important factor to getting accepted to PT school. Your high school GPA does not go on PT school applications, but you do have to input the grade for every college course you’ve ever taken. No matter what career you choose to persue, it’s so much easier to get into future undergrad and graduate schools if your GPA is high.

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Moving Cross Country for PT School

Although I moved 3,000 miles away to attend PT school, this post could be just as useful for anyone that wants to move away for grad school.

Whether it’s 30 minutes, 6 hours, or several states away, moving can be a scary thing. I know I was nervous. I didn’t know anybody, other than a few family members, on the east coast. I didn’t know where I would live, who I would live with, how I would get to school, and how I would pay for school. Continue reading

I’m going to UMES!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my application process:

  • I applied to 10 schools, 3 in California and 7 out of state
  • I got interview invites to 5 schools, interviewed at 2, and accepted at 2 (one that I interviewed at, and one that didn’t require an interview)
  • I declined 3 out of state interviews because their tuition was much higher, and I was already accepted at UMES
  • I eventually got around to updating my letter writers with what school I’m attending

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What I Did During My Break Year

I’m halfway through my break year. I graduated in spring 2014, and applied to schools around August of 2014. I’ve been accepted to a school on the east coast, so I’ll only have to take one year off from classes! A lot of people take a year off between university and grad school.

I’m really glad that I took some time off from school. It’s been what, 16 years since I haven’t taken any classes? It feels pretty incredible, although I do miss school some days. It gave me time to focus on the application process and writing my essays, and I also have a ton of time to prepare for school.  Continue reading

More inpatient observing!

I have some spare time, between writing essays and learning basic biology again, so I started observing at an inpatient rehabilitation center.

I’ve only observed for 15 hours, but I’ve met some really cool people. There are two current PT students, one from CSU Sacramento and the other from Samuel Merritt. One told me about the PNF program at the Kaiser hospital in Vallejo, CA, so now I’m interested in neuro too. Continue reading