Clinical Practicum (Fall Year 2): Day 1

This fall I am going to an outpatient orthopedic clinic about 6 times, for 8 hours a day. I go into the clinic every other week, so I have more free time during the weeks that I don’t go into clinic.

I learned a lot at practicum today, including Pallof presses and muscle energy techniques. My CI had me perform shoulder mobilizations, but we had just learned that in class 5 days ago so it was helpful to practice them on a patient.

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Summer Final Exams + Practicals

I’ve been slacking a bit with writing this post. Finals happened three weeks ago, and Fall semester started last week!

We had 2 practicals the week before written exams started. I studied super hard for the practicals, and then I didn’t have as much time to study for the 4 written exams and 1 practical the following week. Procrastinating is still hard to manage, but finals went well nonetheless. Continue reading