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These are all the blogs that I follow by students and physical therapists. Read about everything from PT school and residency programs to insurance and business management.

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Updated 8/24/2017



These are posts that I enjoyed reading and plan on reading again. I hope you learn something from these articles!

Posts are organized by:

  1. Preparing for Physical Therapy School
  2. Physical Therapy School
  3. After Physical Therapy School
  4. Great Reads for Everyone!

Preparing for Physical Therapy School

How to Build an Awesome Resume: A Guide for Students
New Grad Physical Therapy – 5/23/2016

Guide to Observation Hours
My Road to PT – 6/5/2015

How to Apply to Physical Therapy Schools
New Grad Physical Therapy – 6/3/2015

Tackle the Reapplicant Essay
DPT Know – 6/2015

How to Prepare for the GRE
My Road to PT – 5/20/2015

Tips for This Years PTCAS Essay Prompt
DPT Know – 4/27/2015

Questions to Ask During An Interview
DPT Know – 3/8/2015

50 Interview Questions
DPT Know – 3/8/2015

Applying/ Reapplying: 16 Point Checklist
DPT Know – 3/8/2015

How to Decide Where to Apply 
My Road to PT – 7/16/2014

Should I Be a PT or a PTA? Part Three: Your Long Term Career Path
The PT Student – 2014

Should I Be a PT or a PTA? Part Two: Practice Differences
The PT Student – 2014

Should I be a PT or a PTA? Part One: Educational Requirements
The PT Student – 2014

How to Survive the PT School Interview
The PT Student – 1/23/2013

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Physical Therapy School

How to Prepare for the NPTE and PASS!
Bethany Nyugen, DPT

Pulse Advice for Your First Year of School
American Physical Therapy Association – 8/16/2016

Test Taking Tips for the NPTE
New Grad Physical Therapy – 6/29/2016

NPTE: How I’m Doing It
Creating a Physical Therapist – 6/18/2016

Summer Reading
American Physical Therapy Association – 6/13/2016

5 Ways to Stand Out as a #DPTStudent
Healthy, Wealthy & Smart – 5/22/2016

Don’t Study Everything. Study the Most Important Things.
The PT Student – 3/2016

Organization for Physical Therapy School
The PT Student – 3/2016

Pre-Exam Meditation
The PT Student – 3/2016

Handling the Cost of Physical Therapy School
The PT Student – 3/21/2016

How Much Does PT School Cost?
Mac Prible – 1/9/2016

The 5 Stages of Emotions After the NPTE
The Life of a DPT Student – 1/7/2016

My Tips for Surviving the NPTE
The Life of a DPT Student – 12/15/2015

How I Prepared for the NPTE: Part 2
The Life of a DPT Student – 12/15/2015

Advice for Someone Who Has Passed Out in Cadaver Lab?
The Life of a DPT Student – 11/18/2015

Success Through Support in Physical Therapy School
New Grad Physical Therapy – 11/9/2015

6 Tips for the Night Before the NPTE
New Grad Physical Therapy – 7/20/2015

Welcome to Physical Therapy School
8/15/2013 – The Life of a DPT Student

How to Thrive in Second Semester of PT School
PT to be in ’15 – 5/22/2013

How to Survive First Semester
PT to be in ’15 – 1/7/2013

Health Care System Videos
Khan Academy

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After Physical Therapy School

Spotlight: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy – Amy Stein, PT, DPT, BCB-PMD
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/21/2017

10 Quick Tips for Staying Up to Date
Physical Therapy Reviewer – 2/21/2017

5 Fantastic Post Residency Career Paths for the Physical Therapist
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/20/2017

Revisited: Seek Forgiveness or Pay off Your Student Loans Early?
Fifth Wheel Therapist – 2/18/2017

Head First: What I Learned from Jumping In as a New Grad PT
The Critical Physical Therapist – 2/17/2017

5 Roles for PTs Beyond the Clinic
The Manual Therapist

So you want to be an acute care Physical Therapist?
MK Strength & Conditioning – 1/31/2017

Knowledge Bombs for a Successful Clinical Career
Evidence Informed Physical Therapy – 12/19/2016

Finding The Right Mentoring Program for a New Grad Physical Therapist
New Grad Physical Therapy – 12/14/2016

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapy Sports Resident
New Grad Physical Therapy – 12/6/2016

Making the Most of Your Physical Therapy Residency Interview – Part 2
New Grad Physical Therapy – 12/1/2016

An Important Lesson in Outpatient Orthopedics for New Grad Physical Therapists
New Grad Physical Therapy – 11/28/2016

Pain Neuroscience Resources for Physical Therapists
New Grad Physical Therapy – 11/7/2016

The 10 Worst Types of Therapists
Trust Me Physiotherapy – 11/5/2016

How to Negotiate Your First Physical Therapy Salary
Evidence Informed Physical Therapy – 10/4/2016

How to Interview for a Physical Therapy Job
New Grad Physical Therapy – 10/3/2016

What Are We Doing Right
Forward Thinking PT – 5/26/2016

The Ultimate Cash-Based PT FAQ
WebPT – 5/23/2016

If I Had a Career Rewind
Evidence in Motion – 4/14/2016

Treating in the Low Socioeconomic Climate
The Manual Therapist – 3/15/2016

3 Types of Outcome Measures: Performance-Based, Self-Reported, and Hybrids
WebPT – 3/14/2016

New Grad Life Lesson #1: You Can’t Make Everyone Happy
The Life of a New Grad Physical Therapist – 3/4/2016

5 New Grad Tips for Communicating with Physicians
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/29/2016

Cash Based Physical Therapy
The Student Physical Therapist – 2/25/2016

Pelvic Floor Galore! Resources for Creating Pelvic Floor Health Through Yoga
Physio Yoga – 2/22/2016

Why PTs Need to Embrace Strength Training
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/15/2016

Physical Therapist Earnings: By City, By Region, By Setting and Among New Grads
Mac Prible – 1/4/2016

PT Earnings Data By Metro Area
Mac Prible – 12/28/2016

Ultimate Guide to Physical Therapy Certifications
New Grad Physical Therapy – 12/23/2015

Physical Therapists, if You Hate Research, Read This!
New Grad Physical Therapy – 12/9/2015

Fill Your Schedule: 10 Strategies to Get More Referrals
WebPT – 10/26/2015

Does Static Postural Assessment Matter?
The Student Physical Therapist – 10/17/2015

3 Ways to Be a Better Physical Therapist Today
New Grad Physical Therapy – 9/16/2015

Pediatric Physical Therapy Series: Volume 2
New Grad Physical Therapy – 9/3/2015

Why PTs Should Consider a Kettlebell Certification
The Manual Therapist – 9/2/2015

New Grads’ Guide to Physician Referrals
New Grad Physical Therapy – 7/16/2015

10 Tips for Home Health Physical Therapists
New Grad Physical Therapy – 7/13/2015

8 Non-Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists
New Grad Physical Therapy – 7/8/2015

Pediatric Physical Therapy Series: Volume 1
New Grad Physical Therapy – 6/24/2015

How to Make the Most Money as a New Grad Physical Therapist
New Grad Physical Therapy – 6/8/2015

Kill All Pain
The Manual Therapist – 5/2015

IT Band Syndrome

New Grad Physical Therapy – 5/26/2015

5 Things You Should Be Asking Your Patient But Probably Are Not
The Manual Therapist – 5/22/2015

Private Practice vs Large Hospital – Where Should a New Outpatient Physical Therapist Go?
New Grad Physical Therapy – 5/2/2015

5 Reasons to Work in Acute Care as a New Graduate
New Grad Physical Therapy – 5/2/2015

5 Reasons Per-Diem Physical Therapy Works For Me
New Grad Physical Therapy – 4/30/2015

Considering Time Since Injury in Differential Diagnosis
The Student Physical Therapist – 4/28/2015

Top 5 Things I Have Learned in Clinical Practice
Forward Thinking PT – 9/29/2014

Top 7 Lessons From My First Year in Practice
Physical Therapy Haven – 7/14/2014

Sequencing Your Treatment Session
The Student Physical Therapist – 5/19/2014

Have You Ever Prejudged Your Patients?
Forward Thinking PT – 4/10/2014

5 Pieces of Advice for New Graduates! By: Dr. Erson Religioso
The Student Physical Therapist – 7/16/2013

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Great Reads for Everyone!

Physical Therapy Research Reloaded: How To Research Efficiently
New Grad Physical Therapy – 11/17/2016

Young, But Not Incinvible
A Dose of OxyJEN – 8/16/2016

16 Conditions You Didn’t Know Physical Therapy Could Help Treat
Mental_Floss – 5/9/2016

5 Great Pain Explanations/Metaphors From 5 Different Clinicians
The Manual Therapist – 4/2016

Grit: What is it and why do I need it?
The PT Student – 3/2016

Top Reasons for Physical Therapists to Attend CSM
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/19/2015

5 Tips for Students to Improve Their Interaction with Patients
The Manual Therapist – 2/13/2016

14 Reasons to Love Physical Therapy
New Grad Physical Therapy – 2/10/2016

The 4-Hour Researcher
New Grad Physical Therapy – 1/27/2016

Top 10 Physical Therapy Articles of 2015
New Grad Physical Therapy – 1/6/1016

Make Vital Connections with Informational Interviews
New Grad Physical Therapy – 10/14/2015

Experiences: Clay Case, DPT, CSCS
Creating a Physical Therapist – 8/31/2015

The Struggles of Being a Small Physical Therapist
A Dose of OxyJEN – 8/21/2015

Making Time for Your Health
The Student Physical Therapist – 7/22/2015

Experiences: By Dr. Seth Watson
Creating a Physical Therapist – 5/31/2015

Experiences: By Dr. Meredith Victor
Creating a Physical Therapist – 5/14/2015

Experiences: By Andrew Greenberg
Creating a Physical Therapist – 4/30/2015

Experiences: By Cinema
Creating a Physical Therapist – 4/14/2015

Stay Invested. How to NOT Freak Out Over Flare Ups
A Cup A Day – 3/21/2015

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Blogs”

  1. Hi Katie! I love your blog, it is so great to track your journey through PT school … and beyond! Good luck with everything as you continue from SPT to DPT. Thanks for the shout out up there on favorite blogs, I’m honored. Just think, someday you will stumble across some other people you have inspired, really a cool moment 🙂

    1. I seemed to have missed the comment you posted (almost a year ago!). Thanks so much for reading, and I feel the same way about your blog as well! I was inspired by blogs like yours, so it’s really cool to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well.

      1. Thanks so much!! I love making new blogger friends, especially if they blog about PT 🙂 My favorite DPTs to follow on IG is @docjenfit- her content is amazing!

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